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5 Job Hunting Tips for the Holidays

As recruiters rush to fill open positions before the end of the year, there are more opportunities than you think amongst the tinsel and tra-la. Here are some must-know job search tips if you’d love to start a new job in January.

One: Let others “snooze & lose” while you keep a hand in the game.

Many other job seekers – your competitors – will take time off now. All the more opportunity for you, if you keep at it.

Two: Be talking to people!

Do attend events, meet new people and deepen relationships. A party might not be the best time for an in-depth discussion of career matters (or then again, it might – use your social intuition), but you can certainly make connections with an eye on reaching out later for one-on-one networking meetings. Connecting on LinkedIn or Facebook is often a good first step, and you can do it on the spot with your smart phone.

Three: Make good use of those friendly inquiries.

Capitalize on the question “How’s your job search going?” with this surprising suggestion.

Four: Be prepared for these three networking-crucial questions, too.

Plan networking-friendly answers to three questions most job seekers flunk: “What do you do?”, “What are you looking for?” and “What happened to your job?”

Five: Keep your wits about you at those parties.

Anybody you meet could possibly be a connection to a new job, or maybe could put in a good word, or a bad one. You don’t need to be as polished as a talk show host, nor as careful as a politician (hmm, are they even careful?!?), but remember you’re job hunting and go easy on the punch. If there was ever a good time for doing something crazy at a Christmas party . . . this ain’t it!

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