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A Job Search Tool that Saves You Lots of Time!

If you’re looking for a new job, you’re probably sick and tired of the tedious, time-consuming process of filling out online job applications and uploading your resume. Let me tell you about an excellent job search tool that automates all that, easily and inexpensively.
It’s a job search virtual assistant technology called Fridayd. The company states it saves an average of 40 hours per month for users, and I can believe it. That’s extra time you can use for interview preparation, networking – or spending quality time with the people and activities you love.

Here’s what Fridayd does:

  • Provides a list of current job openings curated to your preferences. This is far more customized than any saved search you can create on a job board.
  • Helps you find networking contacts related to the openings.
  • Applies to the jobs you select. (You have a lot of choices at this point, such as which resume version to use.)
  • Allows you to request a phone call with a Fridayd employment specialist – a live human! – if you need one-on-one help.
  • Tracks your job search activities.
  • And more. It’s really quite robust and flexible.
  • I haven’t experimented with it extensively but it seems user-friendly as well. You upload your resume and cover letter, and fill in a lot of information up front – one time – so Fridayd can complete a wide range of applications and forms for you.

What does it cost?

Standard account: $49/mo.

Premium: $79/mo. $63/mo. if you sign up through me.

Can I get you a special deal? Yes.

Sign up now through this link, and make sure you include my name on the registration form, to get a free no-risk 14-day trial on either plan, plus a discounted $63/mo. rate if you choose Premium).

Is this affiliate marketing? Do I get a cut? Yes and yes. But I’m extremely selective about selling anything from third parties – in fact, this is the first time I’ve ever done so. I heard about Fridayd through my membership in the respected professional association Career Directors International as well as a few fellow career coaches whose clients have used the tool and really liked it. I only regret not spreading the word sooner. If you have questions, contact me or write directly to the Fridayd team:

I would love to hear about your experiences with this powerful job search tool! I think it will make your life easier.

Download Our Free Report

Get my concise, FREE report for step-by-step guidance to STAND OUT & WIN in interviews!