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How to Build Rapport in Your Interview

“We just clicked, right off the bat.” How can you build that rapport in a job interview?

One fast way to get there is through mirroring the interviewer’s posture, gestures , energy level and way of talking. Here’s a great two-minute video that shows you how.

Using the techniques in this video will make your interviewer feel more comfortable being with you, which is bound to increase your chances of getting the job.

When you first started reading this post, you may have thought mirroring sounded unnatural or phony. But when you watched the video, what did you think? To me, the candidate looked just as natural and real when she was mirroring the interviewer. That’s because mirroring is something people naturally do. We just don’t usually call it that, or even notice that we’re doing it. It’s part of having good social skills.

Practice this in various situations so that it comes naturally when you need it most. Build rapport with your interviewer and get that job!

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