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How to Get Help from a Real Person at LinkedIn

“Help, I need somebody” is not just the first line of a Beatles song. It’s also what you might be saying when your LinkedIn profile is wonky – or you just don’t know how to do something – and the self-help options ain’t cuttin’ it.

Here’s how to get help from a real person at LinkedIn.

The short answer: click here and follow the instructions. (You’re welcome.)

To quote another old song, “Rickie, don’t lose that number” (I mean, do bookmark that link), because otherwise here’s what you need to do to get there:

  1.  Click the dropdown arrow under the teeny-tiny photo of you (or placeholder thereof, if you still haven’t uploaded a photo despite all my urging) in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and select Help Center.
  2. In the Help Center you’ll see many self-help options. To bypass those, scroll to the bottom of page and click Help Forum.
  3. In the Help Forum, once again scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  4. In the black bar at the bottom, click Contact us.
  5. Nope, you’re not there yet. In the selections that appear, select Get help from us.
  6. Type your issue or question in the blank as requested. Stop and stretch for a moment if all this is making your arms ache.
  7. If the options offered don’t help, sigh, roll your eyes, and click Next.
  8. And – at last, oh at last! – you can now fill out a contact form, click Submit (submit, indeed!) and obtain a response within a day or so from a fellow human being.

Now you can get your tricky LinkedIn question/issue resolved and get on with your life!

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