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A “Coach” You Can Afford: the Jibberjobber Job Search Program

The average job search is a confusing, lonely, overwhelming five-month slog. It’s not easy.

It would help to have a coaching call with a job search expert every morning, but many job seekers can’t afford that level of support.

That’s why I was excited to be asked to beta-test the new Jibberjobber Job Search Program. For years I’ve been a fan of their flagship product, the Jibberjobber software that helps you organize your job search. Its creator, Jason Alba, knows job search inside and out.

He’s also an excellent trainer, so I was glad to discover he personally narrates the recordings that make up this new product, the six-week Jibberjobber Job Search Program.

Here’s how this online job search program works:

Every morning you listen to a recording in which Jason gives you three High Value Activities or HVAs for you to do that day. For example, on Day 1 you’re asked to write down some specifics about the job you want. On subsequent days many of the HVAs involve informational interviews, one of the best strategies for getting a great job fast.

Yes, I said informational interviews. If that sounds daunting, here’s what Jason has to say:

“The JibberJobber Job Search Program is not for the faint of heart. While I’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating the best six week job search program I could imagine, the bulk of the work will be on your side. But you won’t be alone. I’ll be with you every morning.

“Your first day is 9 minutes of instruction, foundation, and tasks. The tasks are simple. As you go through each day, you will get the hang of the program, and your part, and feel confidence in your abilities.

“Soon enough the tasks get a little harder. And then a little harder. And maybe even a little harder. But, I train you. I walk you through the concepts, and how to best attack your problem.

“The tactics you’ll be doing each day in this program are the right tactics. No more spinning wheels. No more wasting your time or wondering if what you are doing is the right thing. With this program it’s get-to-work time with one objective: to land an awesome job!”

Jason totally gets it that job search can be really hard. This virtual job search program was originally named Project Hope, because Jason knows how hopeless it can feel. He’s been there; that’s why he founded Jibberjobber. He knows what’s challenging about what he’s asking you to do, and he addresses that in a simple, encouraging, helpful way.

Here’s a testimonial I found in the Jibberjobber Blog:

“The key advantage of [today’s audio] is that it got me free from analysis paralysis that has had me stuck for some time . . . You told me to get started, and I did. Yesterday, my second voicemail request for an informational interview resulted in an immediate callback, a 40-minute phone conversation, and an invitation for me to interview in person with a consulting firm in two weeks time. Fantastic! [This] method really works!”–Rob Joseph, Finance Executive

After listening to this program daily for a few weeks I’ve become convinced it’s a winner. Because it’s new you can enroll at a special introductory rate of $197, compared to the list price of $497. Click here for more information and/or to sign up.

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