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How *Not* to Tweet Your #%@! Interview

Recently I decided to search Twitter for posts containing the words “job interview.”

Of the first three posts I read, two were job seekers celebrating their upcoming interview with language like “F— yeah!” or saying they were so thrilled that they claimed to have, uh, lost control of their bodily functions.

Another was so raunchy I can’t include it here even if I substitute “—-” for the letters in the words.

The Twitter handles sounded like real names. If the prospective employers were checking out their candidates online, they would have recognized these individuals.

Some other fairly typical posts:

“I just CAN NOT be bothered with this interview tomorrow!””

“…finally got a job interview, so relieved”  (Okay, no swearing – but why advertise that your job search isn’t going well?)

After all these, I found myself touched and impressed by the one who simply wrote, “Got an interview! Yay!”

Positive. Printable. Not even unprofessional.

Somebody hire that person, now!

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