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What questions would you like this blog to answer?

Hey you, reader of my blog! I want to hear from you.

If you’re a subscriber, you may have noticed my new blog title – The Great Job Sooner Blog. It’s a new beginning, and a good time for me to ask you how I can serve you better.

What burning questions do you have about how to get interviews, get offers and get hired?

What’s puzzling, confusing, frustrating, depressing or even infuriating in your job search – that maybe these articles can help you resolve? No question is too small or too large. (Well, maybe too large. “What is the meaning of life?” may be beyond the scope of this publication.)

I welcome your input. Just click the blue “Email Me” button (way up there at the right, just a bit lower than the menu bar) or even the “Free Consultation” button. They both send messages to the same place: my in-box.

I’m looking forward to your input and making this blog as relevant and helpful as it can be. Thank you!

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