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The One New Year’s Resolution That Will Get You a New Job

What’s the #1 New Year’s Resolution you can make if you want to get a new job you’ll love?

The answer is closely related to the science of motivation and how to create goals that really work – as opposed to resolutions that last barely longer than the fizz in your December 31st champagne.

You’re more likely to succeed if you do the following:

  1. Focus on one resolution instead of dispersing your efforts in too many directions.
  2. Break it down into small steps. (Large goals can be overwhelming, but they’re often achievable a little a time.)
  3. Focus on what you can do, right now, toward your goal.

Let’s combine all three of those points into one: Create one single, small action that you know you can do every day, that will take you toward that career goal. Success coach Tony Robbins calls this your Single Daily Action (SDA).

So, what is the one crucial action that, if you did it as a habit, daily and well, would continually move you toward getting that new job?

Of course I don’t know the answer! It has to come from you. But let me help you with this.

Your answer should be something very specific that you can check off the list every day as “done.” So a general resolution like “Be assertive at work” or “Be confident” or “Believe in myself” is too vague. We’re talking about a do-and-done action item.

We’re also talking about something that’s not too hard – small steps, remember? – and that’s within your control, not something like “Do one informational interview every day” that would require someone else’s cooperation.

Here are some examples that could work as a Single Daily Action to move you toward getting a new job:

  • Get up early and start working on your job search (if unemployed) by 8:00 AM (or earlier if you’re currently employed), or,
  • Check in with your job search to-do list daily and plan your day, or,
  • Exercise for 25 minutes a day to improve your energy level and mood (especially if you’re unemployed).

These are just examples. What would work for you? Create your own customized SDA.

Once you’ve decided on your SDA, use the “3 R’s of Habit Change” (thank you, James Clear) to help you stay with it:

  1. Reminder: Put something in place to remind you to do your SDA. Set an alarm clock, or “piggyback” the new habit onto an existing one. For example: right after you brush your teeth in the morning, do your new habit.
  2. Routine: Do your SDA faithfully.
  3. Reward: Do something enjoyable once you’ve completed it each day.

One last tip: Tell someone about your SDA and ask them to check in with you about it, so you’re accountable.

Keep moving toward getting your new job, and let me know how it goes!


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