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What to Bring to the Job Interview: Checklist

It’s easy to forget something when you’re excited about a job interview. This interview day checklist will help ensure everything goes smoothly.

(As for being prepared for the interview itself, I invite you to read my post 12 Tips for a Winning Interview.)

And now, the checklist:

What to Bring to the Interview

To review on the train or right before going in:

☐ Stories list. I recommend having at least a dozen good SOAR stories ready to tell.

☐ Notes about interview questions. Practicing your answers to common interview questions in advance is wise, as is reviewing a bit on the day-of.

☐ Job posting. Refresh your memory. What could be more important than being very clear about the job description?

For the interview itself:

☐ Names of people you’ll meet with. If you don’t know yet, ask the recruiter. Try to get their email addresses at the same time so you’re ready to send your follow-up note afterwards.

☐ Notepad and pen. Invest in an elegant portfolio-style cover if you don’t have one.

☐ List of questions. It’s fine to refer to a list at the end. Just make sure they’re the right questions to ask.

☐ Copies of resume and cover letter. Bring enough copies for each person you’ll interview with.

☐ Phone, turned off. Update your contacts with the address for the interview and the contact info of the interviewer.

☐ Datebook. If you don’t use your phone as a calendar, bring your datebook, even though it’s unlikely they’ll want to schedule your next interview on the spot.

☐ Portfolio of samples/kudos/etc. or a brief presentation. Especially if not required, these extra items can help you make your case in a visual way and stand out as someone who goes “above and beyond”–but only if you handle them correctly.

Logistics, etc.:

☐ Directions, transit pass, bridge toll, full gas tank, etc. Have a “Plan B” in case of car trouble or a bus that never comes.

☐ Plan B for wardrobe malfunctions. Spare tie, nylons, maybe even a couple of safety pins.

☐ Briefcase or bag. Avoid bringing both, as a briefcase plus a purse can make for an awkward armload.

☐ Water–and a snack? Some of us find our IQ rises and falls with our blood sugar. Bring a high-protein bar you can wolf down during a spare moment to keep you fueled.

And what else? An inspiring or relaxing CD for the drive?  You know your needs better than I do! Don’t leave it to chance, add it to the checklist.

☐ _____________________________________________

☐ _____________________________________________

☐ _____________________________________________

I hope this job interview checklist helps make your big day a seamless success!

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Get my concise, FREE report for step-by-step guidance to STAND OUT & WIN in interviews!

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