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How to Call the Hiring Manager after Applying for a Job (Infographic)

One way to stand out and get an interview is to make a follow-up call after applying. Hard to do? Maybe. Effective? It can greatly increase your chances of getting noticed and hired. Annoying to the manager? Not if you do it right!

Take a look at this diagram, then read the tips below.

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Tips for Calling after Applying for a Job

  • Call the hiring manager, not human resources. HR has formal processes they follow strictly. Being influenced by your follow-up call isn’t in their playbook.
  • Find the number. One possible way is to send the manager a connection request on LinkedIn. If they accept, look in their Contact Information. Or you may be able to reach them via their company’s main number. There are sneaky ways to find phone numbers, but what will you say if the manager asks “How did you get my number?”
  • Send them your resume, along with a cover letter stating you’ll call on a certain day. Now you can honestly tell the receptionist or assistant that the manager is expecting your call. Read my post How to Get Your Resume in Front of the Hiring Manager.
  • Be as well prepared as for an interview. Because if you’re lucky, that’s what this phone call will be: a brief, unofficial interview. Make sure you know what your Key Selling Points are, for example. Practice with a friend and ask for honest feedback.
  • If they don’t want to talk, you’ve still accomplished something: you’ve made your name and voice familiar to the manager, demonstrated that you’re more motivated and/or assertive than the other candidates, and quite possibly made the manager curious enough to give your resume some special attention.

Calling the hiring manager is a bold tactic requiring very good communication skills. It’s not for everyone. But if you can pull it off, a follow-up call after applying can be the key to keeping your resume from falling into a black hole! 

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